We farm our Fresh Produce In Mexico and deliver in Canada

At Great Foods Global, we make it our mission to bring the highest quality Mexican produce to Canada. With our streamlined supply chain, we are able to deliver the freshest and most flavorful produce to customers across the country.

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Fruits and Vegetables

Our Farms in Mexico are able to produce a variety of fresh produce to meet Canadian demands. With a favourable climate for growing crops year around, we are on a mission to meet the high-demand of fresh and nutritive produce that can't be locally produced, making our imports essential for Canadian consumers to enjoy a wide selection of produce.

Food Safety

We take food safety seriously and are proud to be certified and in compliance with all regulations

Understand How We Deliver Quality Products to You

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  • Management and Food Safety
  • Harvest and Selection
  • Packaging
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  • Carrier Selection
  • Equipment Sanitation
  • Door to Door Service
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  • CFIA & SFCR Compliance
  • DRC Member
  • Traceability & Food Safety