"Great Vanilla Flavor
I like this vanilla in my baking. I have used it twice so far and cannot tell the difference in flavor from Costco vanilla (which I had considered first rate but can no longer afford to buy) I will continue to buy and use this worthy product in the future."

Linda D, Amazon Customer

"Tastes great and quite strong
I've used molina brand for yrs and am always pleased.."

Shawna, Amazon Customer

"I consider myself a pretty experienced baker as I've been baking for well over 20 years. This vanilla is great. I actually prefer it over 100% real vanilla. It is delicious in any baked goods and doesn't have a chemically aftertaste. Its also delicious in egg nog and horchata and drinks where it does not require to be heated. This is my go to Vanilla from now on!"

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DudeInDistress808, Amazon Customer

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